How to administer Rectal Valium (Diazepam)

What is Rectal Valium?

Rectal Valium is used to treat seizures that are prolonged or cause your child distress, or make their breathing difficult.

The right time to give this medication is:

  1. When your child’s seizures last longer than minutes. Or
  2. When your child has seizures in minutes.

The right dose for your child is mls of Valium (Diazepam) Equipment Ampoule of Valium Filter Needle 3 ml syringe 3-4inch length of feeding tube lubricant Procedure

Prepare the Syringe:

  1. Attach the filtered needle to the syringe. For your safety, leave the cover on the needle while you do this.
  2. Check the expiry date on the ampoule.
  3. Flick the top of the ampoule to get any medication trapped in the top back into the bottom.
  4. Hold the ampoule with the white dot facing away and pull back on the top of the ampoule towards yourself in a snapping motion.
  5. Put the needle into the ampoule and pull up on the plunger to withdraw ____mls of Valium and another 1 ml of air. Ensure the dose is correct before removing the syringe from the ampoule. Also check that there are no bubbles in the syringe.
  6. Recap the needle and remove it from the syringe.
  7. Place needle in a puncture-resistant, leak proof sharps container.
  8. Attach the feeding tube to the syringe and twist it on.
  9. Hold the syringe so the tube is hanging down and gently push the plunger until the medication reaches the end of the tube. The air will be behind the medication.

Give the dose:

  1. Roll your child onto their side.
  2. Push the tube gently into the rectum inches and hold in place by squeezing the rectum cheeks together.
  3. Push the plunger down slowly while counting to ten. Make sure that the air goes into the tubing after the medication. This makes sure all the medication was given.

If the seizure does not stop:

You may repeat the Valium every minutes. Call Canuck Place if you have given it times in a row and it hasn’t made the seizures stop.

If you have any questions, please call Canuck Place: 604-742-3475.


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