How to care for granulation tissue around feeding tube

Why does granulation tissue occur? Granulation tissue is a type of scar tissue that may form around a feeding tube. This red, raised tissue is the body’s reaction to the tube and is very common in some children.

How to treat granulation tissue around feeding tube? 

A Silver nitrate stick can help remove granulation tissue. When touched by the silver nitrate stick, the granulation tissue turns grey or black, then becomes crusty and falls off. 


  • Vaseline
  • Silver Nitrate Stick 
  • Gauze or Washcloth and towel to clean and dry the site 
  • Cotton tipped applicators 
  • Gauze with a keyhole cut out (or trach/drain gauze) to place around the site after application 

Paper Tape Procedure

  • Keep the site as clean and dry as possible. 
  • For Silver Nitrate application – the following steps are done once a day for five days: Put a layer of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) on the healthy skin around the granulation tissue before using the silver nitrate stick – the silver nitrate will injure the healthy skin. 
  • Moisten the tip of the silver nitrate stick with water. 
  • Touch the silver nitrate stick onto the granulation tissue – red, raised skin.
  • Protect clothing from being stained by the silver nitrate (will turn black) by putting a small gauze with a keyhold cut out over the area and taping it. If there is no improvement in five to seven days, call the nurse or doctor.

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