Clinical identifiers for Canuck Place consult

Neonates not responding to intensive care intervention, who are deteriorating despite all appropriate efforts, or in combination with a life threatening acute care event, which may include:

  1.  Recipients of repeated cardiopulmonary resuscitations
  2. Multiple end-organ disease/failure
  3. NEC Stage 3 or midgut volvulus without viable intestines, or an extremely short gut that makes optimal feeding/growth difficult to achieve.
  4. Unable to be weaned off ECMO
  5.  Any condition with a high probability of severely poor neurological outcome, eg HIE
  6.  Severe PPHN (end stage) 

Neonates with complex or multiple congenital anomalies, which include but are not limited to the following:

1. Confirmed trisomy or inborn error of metabolism

Any genetic or metabolic disorder associated with shortened life expectancy or suboptimal outcomes

2. Kidney problems

Severe kidney anomalies, renal agenesis, renal failure requiring dialysis

3. CNS abnormalities

  • Bilateral grade IV IVH
  • Severe congenital brain anomalies (Anencephaly/acrania, Holoprosencephaly, Hydrocephaly)
  • Severe meningomyelocele
  •   Neurodegenerative disease requiring ventilation (e.g. spinal muscle atrophy)

4. Cardiac Problems

  •   Inoperable heart anomalies
  •   Cardiac anomalies with high risk of surgical mortality and /or significant morbidity

5. Structural Anomalies

  •   Some cases of giant omphalocele
  •   Severe congenital diaphragmatic hernia with hypoplastic lungs

Neonates and their families accepted to the Canuck Place program can receive the following services inpatient or outpatient:

  •       Pain and symptom management consultation
  •       Advanced care planning
  •       Community Care coordination / Home visits
  •       Family and sibling counselling support
  •       Respite care (upon discharge)

If you have any questions about whether a referral is appropriate, please call the Advanced Practice Nurses at 604-742-3478.

To make a referral please call our Intake Nurse at 604-742-3476. For urgent referrals contact the Canuck Place physician on-call via BCCH paging, x2161.

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