How to change the cassette on a CADD pump


  • New cassette of medication with tubing attached 
  • Key from fanny pack 9 volt battery {if a change is due} 
  • Gloves 


  1. Wash hands, gather supplies and put on gloves.
  2. Verify that the medication label on the cassette contains the correct patient name, medication name, dose, and expiration date.
  3. Press the STOP/START key. Press the Y button to confirm stopping. If a battery change is due, replace it now. Allow the pump to go through all self tests before hooking up the new cassette!!!
  4. Close clamps on pump tubing and IV line.
  5. Remove the old cassette of medication and tubing from pump. In order to do this, you will first need to “unlock” the pump. Look on the right side of the pump. Using the tip of the small key located on the navy fanny pack; turn the small button so that it lines up with the open circle.
  6. Using the edge of this same key, turn the indented line on the larger button (below the small button) so that it is lined up to the open circle. This will release the cassette & tubing from pump.
  7. Latch the new cassette of medication to the pump. The “feet” on the cassette need to be hooked in on left side of pump. As above, you can use the key to turn the large button to line up with the “closed” circle. The tip of the key will be used to align the small button with the closed circle. The pump will verify that the cassette is latched correctly.
  8. Once the new cassette is attached, press the NEXT key.
  9. The pump will prompt you to “Reset the Reservoir Volume?” to originally programmed value. Press the Y key. Verify that the screen now reads ______________ ml.
  10. The pump will then prompt you to begin priming. “Prime Tubing?” will then appear. Press the N key as the tubing is already primed!
  11. Before you start the pump you need to disconnect the old cassette of medication/tubing from the IVline and discard. Connect the new tubing to the IV line.
  12. The pump will prompt “Start the Pump?” Press the Y key. Verify that the rate is _________________________________________.
  13. Open the clamps on tubing and on the IV line.
  14. Dispose of used supplies by doubling bagging and placing in trash.

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